Over the course of 2021 Labour Friends of the Forces is planning a varied programme of events for members. Starting at the end of January with a short presentation and Q&A with a former Commander of the UK Combined Joint Interagency Ebola Task Force to Sierra Leone then followed by events to discuss issues from Veterans welfare, Veterans in politics, and many more.


A list of current events can be found below; just follow the links to signup and you will receive details of each event in due course. Alternatively, SIGN UP to receive alerts for new events as they appear.

In Conversation with: The US Naval Institute and Admiral Lord West

Wednesday 7th July at 6:30pm

Join us for an In Conversation With… an event where we will talk about how the British and United States Navies work together. We will be joined by Admiral Lord West, a former First Sea Lord, and Captain Hamblet, Director of Periodicals and Editor-in-Chief of Proceedings, the publication of the United States Naval Institute.